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1.What is Digital Marketing?
-Digital Marketing is an umbrella term that covers a large number of parts 
of advanced advertising methods and procedures. Basically advanced 
promoting implies any type of advertising executed through a 
computerized media. Advanced media incorporates computerized 
gadgets and stages, for example, PCs, PCs, mobiles, web-based media 
and Google Advertising.
2. What Services Cover Under Digital Marketing ?

- We are a digital marketing company in Pune. Our company is an expert in all
aspects of digital marketing. Our team can formulate and execute a digital
marketing campaign for you, by providing the following services :-
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
Content Marketing
Website design and development
Online Reputation Management Services
Business Consultation

3.What is SEO And Why is it Important For my Business ?

-Website design enhancement represents Search Engine Optimization.
Website optimization implies each time a client types in a question
identifying with your business catchphrases, your outcome should spring
up at the top naturally. It is a typical confusion that you can pay Google
to guarantee that your organization's site stays at the top. Truth be told it is the specific inverse of that. Google has a mystery calculation which
figures out which results should be put at the top and which can proceed
onward to pages 2,3,4, etc. As an advanced advertising administration in
Pune, we can assist your business with SEO utilizing different on-page
and off-page SEO procedures. Search engine optimization helps your
organization's image picture and furthermore acquires ordinary and
natural traffic to your site. While one can generally pay for promotions
on Google, SEO must be finished by advanced advertising specialists who
comprehend both your business and how Google's calculations work.

4.What is Local SEO and How it is Related to my Business?

-Nearby SEO is another component that Google has as of late added to its
portfolio. Neighborhood SEO permits query items that are actually
nearer to the client to spring up first. Neighborhood SEO incorporates
Google maps, site subtleties, telephone numbers and client surveys. The
general purpose of neighborhood SEO is to help the client discover
assets that are nearest to him, generally open to him and are of
acceptable quality. We at Digitize Brand, a computerized showcasing
office in Pune, appreciate the noteworthiness of nearby SEO and drive
our customers to arrive at their greatest potential in this market.

5.How Important is it for my Company to have good website? How Often should my website be updated ?

- It is very, very important for your company to have a good, clean and updated
website. Your website is the first impression for your target audience. They will
judge your company on the basis of the website's appearance and content. A
common mistake that most people make is that, if a website is fancy or has lots of
images then its a good website. There are many parameters that decide whether
or not a website is good. They include:-

Relevance of content
Originality of content

Time taken by website to load
Mobile adaptability
Quality of images and content
Colour scheme used
Website layout
Response time for clicks

6.Which Technology did you use for website Development?

-The technology used by us entirely depends on your requirements. We
work on multiple technologies like WordPress, HTML, CSS, Javascript,
Python, Bootstrap, jQuery, MySQL, SQL Server, API, etc. If you are
looking to launch as an online shop, as we Ecommerce development
company in Pune, we will use the e-commerce platform.

7.Which Technology did you use for website Development?

-The technology used by us entirely depends on your requirements. We
work on multiple technologies like WordPress, HTML, CSS, Javascript,
Python, Bootstrap, jQuery, MySQL, SQL Server, API, etc. If you are
looking to launch as an online shop, as we Ecommerce development
company in Pune, we will use the e-commerce platform.

8.What is PPC Marketing and how can I use it for my Business?

-PPC implies Pay Per Click. It is a term utilized in advanced promoting
where the promoter needs to pay Google just when a client taps on their
advertisement. PPC falls came up short on advertising activities. PPC is a
decent answer for fast outcomes and to give a force to deals. As an
advanced promoting organization in Pune, we do PPC with Google
advertisements, local publicizing, and another Search engine, for
example, Bing.

9.What is Email Marketing and it is Still Effective?

Email marketing is a digital version of door to door pamphlet distribution
or traditional postal mails informing potential buyers about the latest
schemes and products/services. Email marketing was used more from a
sales perspective in the beginning but now has slowly evolved as a way
of staying in touch with your customers and potential customers. It now
involves creating newsletters which inform the target audience about
your company and ensure that your brand has a good recall value for
them. In our opinion, as a digital marketing service in Pune, email
marketing is effective only if the list generated by the business is organic
and the content that you send out to your target audience is high quality
and relevant

10. How much money go you Charge for a Project?

-This is a tough question for us to answer. Our pricing is unique for every
customer and every project. As a digital marketing service in Pune, we
are of the opinion that digital marketing cannot be generalized. It is a
customer-centric service and needs to be looked at from that approach.
We believe that every project we take up whether it is social media, or
website development, or SEO needs special attention and planning. We
charge on the basis of the goals of the project, the duration and the
overall resources that will be employed for the project.

11.Does My Business Need Digital Marketing?

-As a Digital Marketing Agency in Pune, our response to this inquiry is an
easy YES! Digital Marketing gives any business, Big or Small, the power to
reach a larger audience and increase their sales. As we have found in the
previous few years, the quantity of cell phone clients, the number of
online customers, and the number of web clients have expanded  significantly, it is subsequently fundamental for organizations to profit by
this for their items and administrations. Computerized advertising will
help your business arrive at new statures and make its own advanced
image personality.

12.Social Media is Exploding Everywhere. How can I use Social Media For my Businessess?

-Yes, social media is exploding everywhere, and everyone we know is on
one social media platform or another. The total user of base of many
social media platforms combined is in the billions. Therefore, as a digital
marketing company in Pune, we believe not using social media would be
a waste of good marketing potential. You can use social media for your
business, by identifying your target audience and building your brand's
personality through posts and activities. But the most important value
addition that social media can give you is a direct mode to engage with
your audience and respond to their queries, needs and even feedback. It
is important to note that there are various social media platforms like:

13.What is Content Marketing Does My business Need It?

-Content marketing is a two-step process used by digital marketing
experts and companies for their clients. Content marketing means
creation of content that is original, relevant and informative for the
target audience and then distributing this content across the world wide web to reach more people. Content marketing allows your business to
create a loyal customer base who follow your every move and increase
your sales. In our digital marketing company in Pune, we take content
marketing very seriously and focus on increasing the loyalty base and
widen the marketing funnel for our clients. 

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